Commercially supported Engine release notes

This document describes the latest changes, additions, known issues, and fixes for the commercially supported Docker Engine (CS Engine).

The CS Engine is functionally equivalent to the corresponding Docker Engine that it references. However, a commercially supported release also includes back-ported fixes (security-related and priority defects) from the open source. It incorporates defect fixes that you can use in environments where new features cannot be adopted as quickly for consistency and compatibility reasons.

Prior versions

These notes refer to the current and immediately prior releases of the CS Engine. For notes on older versions, see the CS Engine prior release notes archive.

CS Engine 1.12.1-cs1

(20 Sep 2016)

Refer to the detailed list of all changes since the release of CS Engine 1.11.2-cs5

This release addresses the following issues:

  • #25962 Allow normal containers to connect to swarm-mode overlay network
  • Various bug fixes in swarm mode networking

CS Engine 1.11.2-cs5

(13 Sep 2016)

This release addresses the following issues:

  • Make the docker daemon ignore the SIGPIPE signal #19728
  • Fix race in libdevicemapper symlink handling #24671
  • Generate additional logging when unmarshalling devicemapper metadata #23974
  • Drop queries in root domain when ndots is set #1441

CS Engine 1.11.2-cs4

(16 Aug 2016)

This releases addresses the following issues:

  • Change systemd kill mode to process so systemd only stops the docker daemon #21933
  • Fix dropped external DNS responses when greater than 512 bytes #1373
  • Remove UDP connection caching in embedded DNS server #1352
  • Fix issue where truncated DNS replies were discarded by the embedded DNS server #1351

CS Engine 1.11.2-cs3

(7 Jun 2016)

This release addresses the following issues:

  • Fix potential panic when running docker build #23032
  • Fix interpretation of --user parameter #22998
  • Fix a bug preventing container statistics from being correctly reported #22955
  • Fix an issue preventing containers from being restarted after daemon restart #22947
  • Fix a possible deadlock on image deletion and container attach #22918
  • Fix an issue causing docker ps to hange when using devicemapper #22168
  • Fix a bug preventing to docker exec into a container when using devicemapper #22168

CS Engine 1.11.1-cs2

(17 May 2016)

This release fixes the following issue which prevented DTR containers to be automatically restarted on a docker daemon restart:

CS Engine 1.11.1-cs1

(27 April 2016)

In this release the CS Engine is supported on RHEL 7.2 OS


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