Link to your Infrastructure

To deploy Docker Cloud nodes, you first need to grant Docker Cloud access to your infrastructure.

This could mean granting access to a cloud services provider such as AWS or Azure, or installing the Docker Cloud Agent on your own hosts. Once this is done, you can provision nodes directly from within Docker Cloud using the Web UI, CLI or API.

To link your cloud provider accounts, first go to your Docker Cloud account dashboard. (You can also click your username in the top right corner and choose Account info.)

Then, use the one of the detailed tutorials below to link your account. You should open the detailed linking tutorial in a new tab or window so you can continue the tutorial when you’re finished.

You can always come back and link more cloud service providers later.

If you are not using a cloud services provider and are using your own hosts, you’ll need to install the Docker Cloud Agent on those hosts so that Docker Cloud can communicate with them. Follow the directions at Bring Your Own Node instructions. Open these instructions in a new window or tab so you can return to this tutorial once you’re done linking your hosts.

Ready to go?

Once you’ve linked to your cloud services provider or to your own hosts, continue the tutorial and deploy your first node.


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