Breaking changes and incompatibilities

Every Engine release strives to be backward compatible with its predecessors. In all cases, the policy is that feature removal is communicated two releases in advance and documented as part of the deprecated features page.

Unfortunately, Docker is a fast moving project, and newly introduced features may sometime introduce breaking changes and/or incompatibilities. This page documents these by Engine version.

Engine 1.12

Docker clients <= 1.9.2 used an invalid Host header when making request to the daemon. Docker 1.12 is built using golang 1.6 which is now checking the validity of the Host header and as such clients <= 1.9.2 can’t talk anymore to the daemon. An environment variable was added to overcome this issue.

Engine 1.10

There were two breaking changes in the 1.10 release.


Registry 2.3 includes improvements to the image manifest that have caused a breaking change. Images pushed by Engine 1.10 to a Registry 2.3 cannot be pulled by digest by older Engine versions. A docker pull that encounters this situation returns the following error:

 Error response from daemon: unsupported schema version 2 for tag TAGNAME

Docker Content Trust heavily relies on pull by digest. As a result, images pushed from the Engine 1.10 CLI to a 2.3 Registry cannot be pulled by older Engine CLIs (< 1.10) with Docker Content Trust enabled.

If you are using an older Registry version (< 2.3), this problem does not occur with any version of the Engine CLI; push, pull, with and without content trust work as you would expect.

Docker Content Trust

Engine older than the current 1.10 cannot pull images from repositories that have enabled key delegation. Key delegation is a feature which requires a manual action to enable.


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