Warning: this command is part of the Swarm management feature introduced in Docker 1.12, and might be subject to non backward-compatible changes.

node rm

Usage:  docker node rm [OPTIONS] NODE [NODE...]

Remove one or more nodes from the swarm

  rm, remove

      --force  Force remove an active node
      --help   Print usage

Removes specified nodes from a swarm.

Example output:

$ docker node rm swarm-node-02
Node swarm-node-02 removed from swarm

Removes nodes from the swarm that are in the down state. Attempting to remove an active node will result in an error:

$ docker node rm swarm-node-03
Error response from daemon: rpc error: code = 9 desc = node swarm-node-03 is not down and can't be removed

If a worker node becomes compromised, exhibits unexpected or unwanted behavior, or if you lose access to it so that a clean shutdown is impossible, you can use the force option.

$ docker node rm --force swarm-node-03
Node swarm-node-03 removed from swarm

Note that manager nodes have to be demoted to worker nodes before they can be removed from the cluster.


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