Advisory: The functionality described on this page is marked as Experimental, and as such, may change before it becomes generally available.

plugin install (experimental)

Usage:  docker plugin install [OPTIONS] PLUGIN

Install a plugin

      --disable                 do not enable the plugin on install
      --grant-all-permissions   grant all permissions necessary to run the plugin
      --help                    Print usage

Installs and enables a plugin. Docker looks first for the plugin on your Docker host. If the plugin does not exist locally, then the plugin is pulled from Docker Hub.

The following example installs no-remove plugin. Install consists of pulling the plugin from Docker Hub, prompting the user to accept the list of privileges that the plugin needs and enabling the plugin.

$ docker plugin install tiborvass/no-remove

Plugin "tiborvass/no-remove" is requesting the following privileges:
 - network: [host]
 - mount: [/data]
 - device: [/dev/cpu_dma_latency]
Do you grant the above permissions? [y/N] y

After the plugin is installed, it appears in the list of plugins:

$ docker plugin ls

NAME                  VERSION             ACTIVE
tiborvass/no-remove   latest              true


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