Warning: this command is part of the Swarm management feature introduced in Docker 1.12, and might be subject to non backward-compatible changes.

service update

Usage:  docker service update [OPTIONS] SERVICE

Update a service

      --args string                    Service command args
      --constraint-add value           Add or update placement constraints (default [])
      --constraint-rm value            Remove a constraint (default [])
      --container-label-add value      Add or update container labels (default [])
      --container-label-rm value       Remove a container label by its key (default [])
      --endpoint-mode string           Endpoint mode (vip or dnsrr)
      --env-add value                  Add or update environment variables (default [])
      --env-rm value                   Remove an environment variable (default [])
      --help                           Print usage
      --image string                   Service image tag
      --label-add value                Add or update service labels (default [])
      --label-rm value                 Remove a label by its key (default [])
      --limit-cpu value                Limit CPUs (default 0.000)
      --limit-memory value             Limit Memory (default 0 B)
      --log-driver string              Logging driver for service
      --log-opt value                  Logging driver options (default [])
      --mount-add value                Add or update a mount on a service
      --mount-rm value                 Remove a mount by its target path (default [])
      --name string                    Service name
      --publish-add value              Add or update a published port (default [])
      --publish-rm value               Remove a published port by its target port (default [])
      --replicas value                 Number of tasks (default none)
      --reserve-cpu value              Reserve CPUs (default 0.000)
      --reserve-memory value           Reserve Memory (default 0 B)
      --restart-condition string       Restart when condition is met (none, on-failure, or any)
      --restart-delay value            Delay between restart attempts (default none)
      --restart-max-attempts value     Maximum number of restarts before giving up (default none)
      --restart-window value           Window used to evaluate the restart policy (default none)
      --stop-grace-period value        Time to wait before force killing a container (default none)
      --update-delay duration          Delay between updates
      --update-failure-action string   Action on update failure (pause|continue) (default "pause")
      --update-parallelism uint        Maximum number of tasks updated simultaneously (0 to update all at once) (default 1)
  -u, --user string                    Username or UID
      --with-registry-auth             Send registry authentication details to Swarm agents
  -w, --workdir string                 Working directory inside the container

Updates a service as described by the specified parameters. This command has to be run targeting a manager node. The parameters are the same as docker service create. Please look at the description there for further information.


Update a service

$ docker service update --limit-cpu 2 redis


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