Advisory: The functionality described on this page is marked as Experimental, and as such, may change before it becomes generally available.

stack tasks (experimental)

Usage:  docker stack tasks [OPTIONS] STACK

List the tasks in the stack

  -a, --all            Display all tasks
  -f, --filter value   Filter output based on conditions provided
      --help           Print usage
      --no-resolve     Do not map IDs to Names

Lists the tasks that are running as part of the specified stack. This command has to be run targeting a manager node.


The filtering flag (-f or --filter) format is a key=value pair. If there is more than one filter, then pass multiple flags (e.g. --filter "foo=bar" --filter "bif=baz"). Multiple filter flags are combined as an OR filter. For example, -f name=redis.1 -f name=redis.7 returns both redis.1 and redis.7 tasks.

The currently supported filters are:


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