Contribute to Kitematic

Kitematic is an open source project that simplifies the Docker experience. It automates Docker installation and setup, and provides an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) for working with containers. You can use Kitematic to create, run, and manage Docker containers, and find public images on Docker Hub.

Kitematic GUI

See the Kitematic user guide to learn more about it from a user perspective.

We welcome your contributions!

We’d like to see Kitematic evolve with community contributed add-ons, extensions, themes, plug-ins, and cool, new features.

Start the developer tour

If you’re new to working with Docker open source projects or new to the Kitematic codebase, this quick tour will help you get started. Follow along with these steps to set up your Kitematic development environment and practice working on an example issue.

Что дальше

Find an issue on GitHub to get started.


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